Rumors Abound for Flash Episode 100

by Adam Ray
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London’s biggest event: the Movies, Comics, and Manga Expo – now simlpy called the MCM Comic Con has officially wrapped up it’s Autumn show for 2018. Big events like these are always big sources of fuel for the rumor mill.

Tony Todd, the imposing voice of many a horror film and animated feature, is best known by us as the voice of Zoom, from Flash Season 2. Between talks with fans about his work on 90’s horror classic, Candyman, he mentioned his new involvement on Flash episode 100.

He discussed with DC Comics News that episode 100 will feature a sudden return of all the evil speedsters seen before. We know that Reverse Flash returned after helping the evil Doppelgangers in the previous crossover episode. Zoom and Savitar are somewhere else, apparently waiting their return. He ominously said: “they all want a piece of Barry”.

Will this all come to pass? If it does, it’ll take considerable efforts from possibly every heroic speedster seen on the show before. We have a lot to look forward to in coming episodes.

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