Ben McKenzie to Write Episode in Final Season of ‘Gotham’

by Cameron Tevis
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After five years of playing a young Commissioner Gordon on Gotham, Ben McKenzie has had the opportunity to not only act, but direct multiple episodes as well as write an episode of Season 4. For the series fifth and final season, Ben McKenzie will once again take on the role of writer for one of the episodes.

It was originally meant to be the final episode of the series, but it was recently confirmed by Fox that it would act as episode 9 while the final episode will be written by John Stephens.

McKenzie recently spoke about the Season 4 finale.

He is going to be the last guy down with the ship. He’s never going to abandon it. I think that the pressure becomes more and more and more intense and he becomes a bit like Atlas, trying to carry the- well not quite literal but the figurative weight of the world on his shoulders. The pressure just gets more and more intense. Which is interesting because it can lead him to make decisions he wouldn’t otherwise make, which there’s a big one in the middle of the season. A decision he makes in the heat of passion that will have significant ramifications for him and others in the future.

As to whether he is writing those ramifications in his episode has yet to be revealed. But it’s obvious he has strong opinions of the character which will no doubt be seen in whatever episode he writes.

Gotham returns to FOX on Thursday, January 3, 2019

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