Jeremy Irons Cast as Ozymandias in HBO’s “Watchmen”

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Best known for recently playing Alfred Pennyworth in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, actor Jeremy Irons reenters the DC Universe as the smartest man on the planet in HBO’s televised adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Irons is set to play Adrien Veidt, aka Ozymandias, one of a second generation of non-powered superheroes who called themselves The Watchmen that has since retired and marketed his former superhero identity by going public. In the original storyline, situated in the fictional 1984, the murder of one of their own prompts an investigation into a seemingly-deepening conspiracy with a twist ending no one sees coming. The comic was first adapted for the big screen in 2009 by director Zack Snyder, a project which later earned him the job of bringing Superman back to cinemas in 2012’s Man of Steel. Elements of the original story have been incorporated into the DC Universe as part of the DC Rebirth line of comics with the omnipotent Doctor Manhattan billed as the true mastermind behind the New 52. The Watchmen universe has been thus incorporated into the DC Multiverse and their story continued in the current miniseries Doomsday Clock.

Other cast members previously announced includes Don Johnson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Regina King in unconfirmed roles. Ozymandias was previously portrayed by Matthew Goode in Snyder’s film.

Given Iron’s pedigree as an actor, having played both heroes and villains, he seems best suited to portray the antagonist described under the hardly-disguised name “The Blond Man”: An aging imperious Lord…highly intelligent and won’t let you forget it…. used to being obeyed and always correct. Arrogant, erudite and patrician. Physically fit, he’s never missed a workout in his life.”

Currently, there is no start date for shooting, but there is speculation as to where the plot could be pinpointed. Given Ozymandias is once again the focus post-Watchmen in the comics, could this series be a sequel to the original story? Could the fates of Veidt and the survivors of the end of the series be revealed? With very little details given save for Veidt’s description, it’s a coin toss as to what to expect.

Or rather, where the drop of blood will fall on the smiley-faced button.

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