Review: Hawkman #6

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Bryan Hitch

Colors: Jeremiah Skipper

Letters: Starkings & Comicraft



Hawkman recently discovered that his reincarnations over time and space have even occurred within the Microverse. In the Microverse, he came across his good friend, Ray Palmer, aka the Atom. Atom is the self-appointed protector of the Microverse.

Ray decided to help Hawkman locate a weapon within the Microverse that’s made of Nth metal. Their quest led them to a sentient planet known as Moz-Ga. But Moz-Ga attacks the duo. Ray seizes the opportunity to show Hawkman that within the Microverse, the Atom doesn’t just shrink, he can become a giant.

Atom and Hawkman engage Moz-ga but Atom takes the lead so Hawkman can search for the weapon. Instead of finding the type of weapon he thought, he finds a ship.

Fortunately for both of them, the ship is equipped with Rannian zeta technology and the two just barely escape Moz-Ga.

Atom is able to find information on the being Hawkman once was within the Microverse.

Hawkman 6_1 - DC Comics News


Any fan of DC history will love this 2-issue arc guest-starring the Atom. Hawkman and the Atom are known to have a great relationship. Their relationship rivals, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, or even Superman and Batman. In fact, in the past the two actually had a team-up book called Atom and Hawkman. This issue takes advantage of that historical friendship and delivers is a fun and action-packed issue that really shows how well Atom and Hawkman work together as a team.

Despite the heavy action, Venditti skillfully moves the story forward with hints of Hawkman’s past as well as a look at the impeding danger.

Hawkman 6_2-3 - DC Comics News


Given the significance of their friendship, I would’ve liked to have seen a 6-issue arc with the two rather than this 2-issue arc. It’s obviously possible for the future and this may have just been a hint as to what’s to come, but I have always liked issues when two great friends are bonding. Green Lantern: Rebirth with Green Arrow and Green Lantern and Blackest Night with Green Lantern and Barry Allen The Flash are just a couple of examples that really show how those relationships can really drive stories. I think Atom and Hawkman could have something similar given the chance. Perhaps when the reader learns more about the Microverse Hawkman, Avion.

 Hawkman 6_4-5 - DC Comics News


Venditti and Hitch deliver another great issue and leave the reader wanting more.  It’s a fun, fast-paced issue that gives the reader a reunion of one of the greatest friendships in comics. The arc is too short in my opinion, but I also understand the point is to get to the Deathbringers and dwelling too long in the Microverse could postpone that too long.


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