Review: Electric Warriors #1

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artists: Travel Foreman

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: Travis Lanham



Seven Hundred and seventeen years into the future, after Cortexin was created allowing animals to stand and speak, after humanity was forced onto reserves, after Atlantis was over run by the octopus peoples, after the signing of the personhood accord restoring humanities rights as people, the world is a vastly different place. While our Earth has changed, the universe at large has changed more and expanded as our understanding has. The Covenant comes today to bring Earth beck into the Celestial Community to participate the in great compromise. Two of Earth’s peoples, have been chosen to represent us all as the Electric Warriors!

Fighting for humanity
Cortexin revealed
Ferocious Headache

Our first electric warrior is Kana of the Octopus Tribes, a young octopus carrying the hopes of earth and her peoples, inspired by Kal-El to unite Earth. The second electric warrior is Oscar Navarro, a human of Earth honored to fight for his people!

Except, Oscar never had the chance, because his big brother wouldn’t let him go off to fight and die. Instead Ian has taken his place to ensure Oscar survives to be a good person.



Right from the start I was drawn into this book. Foreman’s art with Hi-Fi’s color looks gorgeous. Stylistically, the drawings remind me a bit of Chris Burnham (Batman vs. Robin, Nameless) but with smoother surfaces when it comes to skin. The detailing in every character, human or animal, is gripping. Along with the colors, each character’s eyes have a way of pulling your attention, even when the rest of the character, or the entire panel is highly detailed. Hi-Fi’s choice of coloring really makes them pop out of the page.

Introducing KanaFamilial Ties

The use of light in Electric Warriors #1 impressed me as well. There are scenes where light might come through a window, or be reflecting in water and it creates a veil of light, like a beam of sunshine on a bright summer day. This effect has been used extremely well throughout the book to create personal moments between the characters.



This book has nothing that takes away from it’s delivery of the story.



Electric Warriors #1 is a fun book packed with beautiful art from cover to cover. This is a perfect start to this series!


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