Fans Post First Impressions Of Aquaman Movie Online

by Joseph Marcas
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We are about a month or so away from the premiere of DC Films’ next movie, Aquaman, and now is just about the time that the studio has decided to give fans an initial look at the film. Some of those fans have taken to social media to offer some initial thoughts on the movie.

For the most part, fan reactions to Aquaman have been fairly positive. Take a look at some of things people are saying about the movie down below.

One user on Reddit had this to say about the movie:

I cannot confirm or deny that I’ve seen this movie but if I had I would probably say that it’s certainly going to be their most well received movie yet. It’s tone closely parallels Ant-man & The Wasp and Thor: Ragnarok and this movie will be liked by the biggest audience, although it will probably suffer from some criticism that it deviates heavily from the original tone of the DCEU to more closely resemble The MCU. But again I reiterate, this would only be my opinion if I had somehow already seen the movie in an advanced screening, which I am not saying I have done.

It’s difficult to get a into these screenings without signing an oath of secrecy so it’s not uncommon for people to be careful about the things they say online.

Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say:

It’s fair to say that the DC Faithful are definitely waiting for something good out of DC Films considering that this is and will be the only DCEU offering from them for 2018. Here’s hoping the theatrical cut is worth the wait.

Aquaman is in theaters December 21st.

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