Scott Snyder Discusses Drowned Earth Storyline And The Future Of The Justice League

Recently, fan favorite DC writer Scott Snyder sat down for an interview with Newsarama to discuss Drowned Earth – the current big event storyline from the pages of Justice League. Snyder also spoke candidly about the challenges of writing such storylines years out from release and how it has changed his approach to storytelling.

If you have read Justice League #11 (if you haven’t go do so before reading ahead), you will know that Aquaman is presumably dead but in reality is just undergoing a low point but is sure to return stronger than ever. Snyder was asked about what we can expect from Aquaman in Drowned Earth and whats next as the take over of the new creative team for the Aquaman book under Kelly Sue DeConnick is coming up:

Yeah, you know, I just think he’s a character that has been done so well by so many people in the past, but I think a lot of it has been focused on Atlantis and Atlantis’ relationship to the surface and the politics of Atlantis and all those things, which are fascinating and great, but I think each of us is trying to kind of look at the character from a different angle while still staying true to his core.

When we were all talking – Kelly Sue DeConnick, Dan Abnett, and I as well – we realized there’s a lot that’s been left unexplored, about Atlantis itself and its ancient past, but also about aspects of Arthur’s powers, aspects of his destiny, the reach of oceanic mythology beyond Earth. So there’s a lot of stuff we wanted to explore in different ways in our series.

This event is really exploring the Atlantis mythology in really cool and interesting ways with a host of new characters and changes. It’s safe to say that DeConnick will be running full speed ahead once she takes over the title after Drowned Earth concludes.

Another interesting revelation that came out during the course of the interview is how Snyder has expanded his storytelling abilities by planning out storylines, not just a year, but several years ahead of their release dates. When asked about it, Snyder had this to say:

I’ve never written like this before. It’s really fascinating and exciting. And if I could impart one thing to fans, it’s that we actually do have a plan. I’ve never built something that had a plan for three to four years.

I’ve built something that was a story that was long enough that it would take a year. And I built something while I was working on that story where I’m like, I’m going to do this in a couple years. Like Metal, I started building early, so I knew it was coming.

But I haven’t built one story with multiple arcs that happen over two to three years. That’s been incredibly exciting and new.

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