Set Photos From Gotham Reveal Penguin And Riddler In Iconic Costumes

by Joseph Marcas
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A Twitter user with the handle Shadonut recently posted photos from the set of Gotham that reveal the Penguin and Riddler in more traditional attire. The photos pay homage to classic character designs as the show wraps up its final season.

Take a look at these photos that were posted online that show The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) on set:

The outfits worn here harken back to the comics in strong fashion (pun intended) by having Riddler in the iconic green suit many will recognize. As for the Penguin, his stockiness and heaviness is featured more prominently but the signature piece, the tophat, is sitting right on top of his head.

Catch the final season of Gotham on Fox.

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