Review: The Silencer #11

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Jack Herbert and Dan Abnett

Artists: Tom Derenick

Colors: Mike Spicer

Letters: Tom Napolitano




The Silencer better get a snowplow guy on the horn quick, or she’ll “Die Another Snow Day” in part one of this new epic!

The first year of the series builds to this, so expect all the loose ends to get tied up. As the Leviathan War approaches its fateful conclusion, Talia’s true goal stands revealed—and it means bad news for everyone in THIS Multiverse. And when a blizzard cripples South Carolina, Talia takes advantage of the snow job to put her plans into place. Can Silencer put this scheme on ice, or will she get a fatal dose of frostbite instead?



The artwork in this one is phenomenal and one can clearly see why Batman consummated his relationship with Talia as the artist rendering of Talia Al Ghul (complete with bold green eyes) provides beauty only rivaled by Wonder Woman.  She is stunning and powerful and the reason this comic tour de force is to reckoned with.

You can feel the desperation and hurt in Honor’s husband as he wants to find his wife and he simply doesn’t understand the situation he is in.  Honor is fighting for her life as she simply wants normalcy, but she has an unrivaled skill set (or does she now with the appearance of Raze) that the Leviathan needs.  This is a well developed story line that is marching towards Honor’s freedom or continued use by the Leviathan and Talia.  Time will tell!



None here!  The story is tight, and by reducing Quietus down to simply his skull makes the journey even better.



This confrontation is what the readers have been wanting and next issue should provide the reward.  Excellent cliffhanger and more importantly, wonderful artwork!  If you haven’t checked out the Silencer, now is the time to get on board as worlds are colliding in the Batman universe!


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