Lego Batman Included in New “The LEGO Movie 2” set

by Ari Bard
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Warner Bros released a new wave of marketing strategies for The LEGO Movie 2 this week, including a new trailer and merchandise details.  As part of the merchandise there will, of course, be a plethora of new LEGO sets.  LEGO Batman is featured in one of the 19 LEGO sets prepared to be released, and he comes with some rather unique armor.  See more details in the official description below!

70836 — Battle-ready Batman and MetalBeard
168 pieces | Ages 6+
$19.99 USD
Available December 26, 2018

Builders can scuttle into action against Star with this action-packed Batman playset featuring the famous pirate MetalBeard in crabmech form, with a built-in LEGO MetalBeard minifigure head, opening treasure chest with MetalBeard’s internal organ elements, flip-down crow’s nest with a flag and posable legs, plus a Batman throne with an adjustable ‘You’re Welcome’ sign. Includes 2 minifigures, a brick-built Star figure, and weapons and accessories.

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