[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art: Chad Hardin & Tom Derenick

Colors: Alex Sinclair

Letters: Travis Lanham



Facing off against the giant jaguar wearing Steve’s plane for a necklace, Diana and Etta learn that they are in a place not held by the bounds of time and space.  Etta is a little concerned that this giant jaguar is, himself, afraid of something here, and after he flees, Diana and Etta find their way to what appears to be a futuristic Air Force plane.  Etta confirms that  it’s not Steve’s, but they discover that it’s inhabited by a Neanderthal type race.  In the course of being attacked, Diana and Etta stumble across a captive, none other than Jonah Hex!

Diana frees him for help in their battle against the unreasoning prehistoric humans, and after defeating the Neanderthals, Diana correctly identifies Jonah as an inhabitant of the 1890’s.  After a few awkward, anachronistic comments, the three set off together to search for Steve Trevor, whom Jonah claims to have seen before his capture by the Neanderthals.


This story continues to evoke some the Wonder Woman comics of the ’50’s and ’60’s in a good way.  It also manages to incorporate Steve and Etta’s current status quo from the main Wonder Woman title.  It’s a little bit wacky, a little bit weird and just enough surprise that it remains unique, quirky and yet undeniably Wonder Woman.  There’s just a bit of nostalgia for a bygone time when dinosaurs and giant anthropomorphic animals were sure-fire sales hits.

Diana and Etta have a strong friendship, and this chapter makes good use of their relationship and how the interact with one another.  Despite the situation, Etta is quick to mention her combat prowess even though she previously cowered at the impossible giant jaguar.

The multiple time anomalies is a fun element that proves to be even more entertaining as Jonah Hex joins with Diana and Etta.  He not only provides a few shocking observations to the modern reader, but fits into the story nicely as his presence indicates there are both past and future elements in this story.

Don’t forget the reprints, too- Justice League #5, The Flash #5 and Aquaman #5!


I suppose there may be some readers who find this tale a bit too off beat for them, because it definitely channels a different vibe from the current Wonder Woman title.



This is a good old fashioned fun comic that recalls Wonder Woman tales from the past, while maintaining enough current appeal to bridge the gap between the two and provide something truly unique.  There’s no shame in enjoying such a tale!  Go and track these Giants down!


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