Warner Bros Moves On Aquaman Sequel

by Jeff Testanero
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There is nothing better than confidence in what you’re doing and with early screening feedback being positive and predicted financial success in China, Warner Bros has decided to move forward on a sequel to Aquaman.

The Hollywood Reporter recently did a profile piece on Amber Heard (whom plays Mera in Aquaman) and in that piece it was mentioned that Warner Bros Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich has begun talks for a sequel.

After the struggles of Justice League last year, it was questionable on how aggressive Warner Bros would be with the sequel plans to any of its superhero solo flicks.  Critics and bloggers have been very positive with their online reactions to Aquaman, which gauges that James Wan’s film will be a major hit despite the movie not being released in the U.S. yet.

While no writers have been linked to the sequel’s script, if the movie’s positivity at both the box office and on social media remains steady or grows then there is no reason that Warner Bros wouldn’t reach out soon to a writer to get the ball rolling on an Aquaman sequel

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