Director Sandberg Releases Unofficial Commentary Track For Shazam Film

by Joseph Marcas
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Shazam director David F. Sandberg recently released a commentary track for the upcoming superhero movie on Soundcloud. In the track, the director talks about a possible on set Twizzler addiction (wait…what?)

If you have ever perused the special features of some of your favorite DVDs and Blu Rays, you will have no doubt come across commentary tracks here and there. These tracks are usually recordings of either directors, actor, producers, etc, reacting and telling stories about the making of the project as well offering insight overlayed onto the film.

However, in this case, things are not quite what they seem. In what appears to be a commentary track for the film, things get rather odd. Sandberg has taken some liberties with the following track which…well…’ll just have to hear for yourself.

Clearly, this recording is a tongue-in-cheek take on what the production Shazam was really like. I think the possible on-set addiction to Twizzlers candies may have given it away.

Regardless, the track is definitely good for a chuckle…especially for John Williams fans.!

Shazam hits theaters April 5, 2019

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