Titans Finale: Batman has been unmasked!

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DC Comics launched their own streaming service this year, and to the delight of so many DC fans including myself the digital service brings all your favourites into the one platform. Titans season 1 is coming to a close, the dark gritty show portrays an ‘adult like’ persona of its main characters with each one coming with their own unique back story. Robin aka Dick Grayson brought the most intrigue with his “F$*K BATMAN’ line in episode 1 and with that, his willingness to break away from Bruce Wayne has been a constant theme across the season. That back story is now at the centre of the finale with a trailer that has caused an online storm. The preview below shows us shades of a Bruce Wayne who on the surface has snapped. Jim Gordon has been killed and Wayne uses his Dark Knight persona to go on a rampage and break his one rule killing everyone!

Who is the Batman? We can reveal that the iconic character has finally been unmasked, and not just played by one actor but two! Stuntmen Maxim Savaria and Alain Moussi are sharing the iconic role of Batman. The two stuntman will provide shades and slices of the dark vigilante in true fighting form, and depending what happens in the finale it could extend out to season 2, however this has not been confirmed.

The fighting scenes in the trailer seem to pay homage to the comics bringing us a Dark Knight who is a true warrior in hand to hand combat. Is it really Batman? Or could some scenes represent some kind of nightmare sequence or someone else dressed as Batman? Or, has the unthinkable actually happened with Bruce Wayne losing his mind and deciding to kill off his prey?

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