Injustice Society Members Cast in Stargirl

Just recently we reported that the well-known heroes of the Justice Society of America, Wildcat, Starman and Hourman have been cast for the series. Now DC Universe has announced the casting selections of some of the villains that will be appearing.

The first three announced are members of the Injustice Society, Tigress, Sportsmaster, and the Dragon King.

Tigress will be played by Joy Osmanski, who most recently appeared on the Netflix series, The Santa Clarita Diet.

Tigress - DC Comics News

The Sportsmaster (also known as Crusher Crock) will be played by Neil Hopkins. Sportsmaster is part of the Golden Age Green Lantern’s (Alan Scott) rogues gallery, so with any luck, Green Lantern might make an appearance on the series.

The Sportsmaster - DC Comics News

Finally, Nelson Lee has been cast as the Dragon King.

Dragon King - DC Comics News

What do you think of the casting choices so far? Sound off in the comments below.

Cameron Tevis

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