Review: Harley Quinn #56

by Philip Clark
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Mark Russell

Artist: Mirka Andoflo

Colors: Arif Prianto

Letters: Dave Sharpe



“Pettergate” is probably one of the worst issues of Harley Quinn I’ve read in the recent issues. It’s Harley back at her silliest, which is a real let down after the last few stellar comics. In what I can only hope is a one off issue, Harley tries to sell a whole bunch of cats so that her allergies can clear up.

There is however, some competition. In what seems like multiple jump cuts, Harley finds herself having to fend off an angry mob! The cats come to her rescue however, and up defeating the mob.

Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.



The art in this issue is probably it’s one saving grace. Harley Quinn has always had a cartoony art style to it, and that lends itself really well to the story arch of this issue. Mirka Andolfo does an excellent job with the dynamic, fast-paced action in the pages of the issue.



I’m just heavily disappointed in this issue. The comic was on the rise up. What Humphries was doing with the character, and the story he was weaving, was very promising.

I understand the need for filler issues. The normal creative team needs time to come up with the next part of their story, so a new team come in and write an issue or two. It’s just that this issue doesn’t keep up with the level that Humphries and the team had risen the comic to.

The story is sloppy, and feels like a step backwards for the comic as a whole.



Overall, this issue was a let down for me. Were it not for the increased quality of the Harley Quinn comic, this would have fit the previous style. There has been a marked improvement over the last few issues, which means that this one falls short.


Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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