James Wan Chose to Make “Aquaman” over “Flash”

by Ari Bard
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After meeting with Warner Bros. for the first time, director James Wan had the choice to make a movie for Aquaman or a movie for the Flash.  Its a choice that may be difficult for some, but for James Wan it was easy.  Read his thoughts below:

“I felt the Flash had been done before.  It had been on TV twice at that point. The one that had not been done was Aquaman. I realized, wow, his character resides in this crazy, big world, and I could do something very interesting with it. I look up to people like Spielberg, Cameron, Lucas, John Carpenter. I’m a fan of genre filmmaking, naturally. So I thought I could make Aquaman a genre film, meaning a horror monster movie. DC basically said, yes, you can make Aquaman versus sea monsters if that’s what you want.”

This is Aquaman’s only major live action appearance other than moments in Justice League and Batman v Superman and some appearances in Smallville, and it’s safe to say that Wan has brought the character to the masses.  Do you think he made the right choice?  Let us know in the comments!

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