‘Aquaman’ Passes $800 Million At The Box Office

by Jeff Testanero
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In the DC Universe Arthur Curry is a king and since his debut on the big screen, Aquaman now rules more than just Atlantis.

At the end of the second week, Aquaman remains the king of the box office by making waves with over $820 million worldwide.  It’s currently sitting at a domestic haul of $215 million.

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Aquaman also delivered the smallest second weekend drop in the DCEU dipping to just 23.5% with a total of $51.55 million at the domestic box office and is currently rocketing towards $1 billion dollars around the globe in only 13 days in worldwide release.

This proves good news for DC fans as the DCEU continues to make money in theaters mo matter what the critics say and could entice a more mainstream audience in flocking to theaters for DC/Warner Bros next release as Shazam! hits theaters in April 2019.

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