‘The Curse of Brimstone’ Is Coming to an End

by Jeff Testanero
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DC Comics’ New Age of Heroes line has faced a number of cancellations as of late.  The latest is The Curse of Brimstone which will reach its finale when the 12th issue of the book is released in March.  The Curse of Brimstone joins Sideways and The Immortal Men as the third New Age of Heroes book line to be cancelled.

Brimstone never really “got off the ground” with DC’s loyal fanbase and never made its “mark” in sales in the direct market so this cancellation comes as no surprise.

Writer Justin Jordan recently told ComicBook.com about the personal connection to writing Brimstone:

“The Curse of Brimstone is a very personal sort of book, which is actually why I was doing it when Dan (DiDio) approached me about doing a supernatural kind of book.  I come from a very rural place in Pennsylvania.  The county I live in is the size of Rhode Island and has 40,000 people in it.  It is literally 99% white people; it is that kind of place.  It is coal country.  The coal mines moved out, factories moved in, factories moved out, nothing moved in, its a dying area.  And most of the US by geography is that-but that is not what we see in superhero comics.”

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