Review: Young Justice: Outsiders (Prequel Comic) – Chapter 1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Christopher Jones



Set between the 2013 finale of the second season of Young Justice and the debut of Young Justice: Outsiders, the prequel comic book is written by series show runner Greg Weisman, with art by Christopher Jones. The story will follow events leading into season three and rediscover the team facing old foes while continuing to work through long standing issues.


Sound is one of the most difficult things to convey in comics. We all read books in different voices, different dialects, and even different sound effects. Opening the book with a familiar sound we have heard a million times during the shows run made the book feel right at home. The teleporter sound effect grips you right away letting you know this is the group of friends you’ve been missing.  The team embarks on a mission against Psimon, a formidable foe we have seen bring the team down before. The same issues that stopped the team before seem to creeping up again as Superboy and Me-gan continue to play along their break up but longing feelings for each other, its a great dynamic reintroduce to the series that will translate well to the show.



First and foremost Young Justice is a children’s show, in a world of dark and brooding DC characters it may sometimes lose footing. The older audience that petitioned  to bring back the show also have to accept that at times it might be outlandish and goofy, which may not necessarily be a bad thing but can get campy. The title ends teasing that we will again revisit Me’gan’s sitcom fueled mind and reexamine the origins of her name and feelings for Superboy, its very goofy, not suited for everyone.



Prequel comics are a dime a dozen, they seem to pop up for every movie, tv show, and sometimes even main title comics. With such a large selection, many of these titles can seen drawn out and lost in the shuffle. Young Justice: Outsiders is not one of those, revisiting familiar friends we all missed dearly and exposing new fans to a great world accomplishes so much more than many prequels do.