Review: Young Justice: Outsiders (Prequel Comic) – Chapter 2

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Christopher Jones



Set between the 2013 finale of the second season of Young Justice and the debut of Young Justice: Outsiders, the prequel comic book is written by series show runner Greg Weisman, with art by Christopher Jones. The story will follow events leading into season three and rediscover the team facing old foes while continuing to work through long standing issues.


Set inside Me’gan’s mind the book focuses on the relationship gap between her and Superboy. With the showing being gone for so long fans may have forgotten of the tension between the teammates and how that affected the team altogether. Reexamining the issue with fresh eyes and some time for a break gives readers a good chance to dive back in.



If your a fan of the show, you’ve seen this before. The rehashing of an old episode was an OK trip down memory lane but honestly was not needed, a new story with a new set up would’ve been better welcome, the shows on Netflix and i can see this episode anytime I want I didn’t need a comic to remind me it existed, I already knew it did. Prequel comics often fall into this limbo of trying to get you excited for the upcoming project but not being allowed to reveal much or set up anything too big. While i enjoyed the first issue, this one just felt like a copy and paste of an old episode.



It’s just OK, if you have the free time to read it you should but if you don’t your not missing out. The prequel curse seems to have missed the first issue but the second could not escape its fate, check out the book for a quick hype session so close to the new season.