The Batman movie reportedly pushed back to November 2019

Batman fans news has spread that Warner Bros. have pushed back production on The Batman to November this year. Matt Reeves was quoted earlier that he wanted to start principal photography for the highly anticipated film around spring – summer of 2019. This latest news seems to be in line with previous reports that Reeves had handed in a script to the studio at the end of 2018 but is still making refinements to it.

The big question for me is who will fill the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman? There has been so much talk online about Ben Affleck being out, so if there is a new actor in the fold and shooting is going to begin in eleven months time then surely Warner Bros has a short list of actors that no one knows about. I personally would like to see Affleck in the role again, his live action persona of the Dark Knight received a high amount of praise. If the iconic character is going to be portrayed by someone else, then surely they would have known this a long time ago as it would change the story, and position of the film within the DCEU.

What do you think? Who should play the Batman / Bruce Wayne? Should it be Ben Affleck or someone new?

Comment below and let us know what you think.

Damian Fasciani

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