Review: Batman: Kings Of Fear #6

by Christian Ruiz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Scott Peterson

Artist: Kelley Jones


The epic finale! Batman must battle Scarecrow and his own mind to save Gotham City. If he doesn’t, Scarecrow will turn Gotham and everything else Batman believes in into a nightmarish hellscape!


It has come to an end. A conclusion to a comic is always difficult, but Kings of Fear #6 knocks it out of the park. While we don’t get a direct answer to the end of the last comic it is clear that Batman’s greatest fear is that the city does not need him, that if he never put the cape and cowl on the city would be a flourishing metropolis that would be ages ahead of where it is now. This was a great peek into Batman’s mind without being too blunt. The rest of the story flowed well  up to a point and had a good solid conclusion to the Dark Knight’s crusade against fear.

The story did flow well until the end. After over coming his fear, locking up scarecrow, speaking to the Joker, and finding scarecrows secret accomplice we get almost a whole other comic worth of information with a woman detailing her life saving experience at the hands of the Caped Crusader that he begins to remember and reminisce about. While I didn’t outright dislike this, it did seem a bit much and almost like it was a double feature comic and seemed to drag. The ending with Scarecrow being locked up and then subsequent Batcave scene should have been enough.
So many Batman comics come out every year, so many Batman comics blend into each other, So many Batman comics go unnoticed, Batman: Kings of Fear is not one that falls into any of those categories, it has carved its path to be a quick be decorated books with many twists and turns. The ending was, in my opinion, the exact way a Batman comic should end, with another call coming in, another problem to solve, another reason to put on the cowl and bring justice to the city he serves so well.

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