Review Suicide Squad: Black Files #3

by Christian Ruiz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Jai Nitz, Mike Barr

Artists: Philippe Briones, Wayne Faucher, Scot Eaton



“KATANA: REVENGE OF KOBRA” part three! Trapped in the mystic dimension within the Soultaker sword, Katana and her husband, Maseo, fight the forces of the mad swordsmith Muramasa, who has amassed an army to invade the world outside—our world!

“SUICIDE SQUAD BLACK” part three! Suicide Squad Black comes face to face with Sebastian Faust, who naturally makes Amanda Waller’s supernatural enforcers an offer they can’t refuse. Will the Suicide Squad make (another) deal with the devil?


Very seldom do we get double feature books anymore, and very seldom do I get to review to books in one review and place them in two completely separate categories. The later half of the book focuses on evil Katana’s battle with the current run of the Suicide Squad while the original Katana lay trap in her blade next to her husband Maseo. Katana was one of the most cold and closed off characters of the Squad’s entire history, to see her agonize for those she has grown to care for, teammates was  a hard, sudden. but welcome turn for the character. The action was great, in short a well recommended issue that leaves the reader wanting more.


Now the former, El Diablo, as I’ve stated, is a character that has gotten the short end of the stick. Always a C-lister, never having the spotlight on him long enough to shine through as a great character, now that he has his time on the sun, his fire is being snuffed out. Faust has been a character seldom seen in the Rebirth or New 52 continuity however when he has appeared he was a good or neutral character this new heel turn has but the team in a perplexing decision. The whole comic seemed to have been written to character around Faust and nothing else leaving El Diablo again in the cold with a dwindling flame that ,may be difficult to light again.


Their are two sides too every coin, while most coins are neutral some in the DC Universe have good and bad sides, this comic was exactly that, a good and bad comic. I do still recommenced this book for Katana’s story and the hope that El Diablo flame will reignite and set a blaze a new path for him and his team.


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