Review: Titans #33

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: Dave Sharpe



The Titans have invaded Unearth and are looking for a fight! Led by Donna Troy, the Titans engage an army immediately after arrival! As they look towards a monstrous castle ahead of them–the team knows where they must go! What dangers lie ahead? Just who exactly rules this world? The Titans will find their answers soon enough.



Right away Abnett throws you in the heat of battle–right from the start of the book! The Titans upon their arrival in Unearth have engaged a monstrous horde known only as the Urkesh! Donna Troy is amazing in this panel as she’s shown calling out orders to the team and everyone immediately follows them. This is a complete change from a few issues ago where there was so much unnecessary banter and conflict amongst the group. Here in this book, you see the Titans actually running as a fine tuned machine, and it’s clear that Donna is in charge. I’m especially impressed with her leadership in terms of Kyle Rayner. Although Kyle is an all around great teammate I figured his experience as a Green Lantern would make him more forceful in making decisions as a whole for the team–however Kyle takes a backseat to Donna in that, but they make one hell of a team together.


I don’t have any complaints about this issue. The action is great throughout and we finally find out what happened to Raven’s soul that was trapped there a few issues back. Her soul-self seemed to have been tortured and corrupted by Lord Travesty, the ruler of Unearth. Also it seems that Lord Travesty has made an alliance with Mother Blood as well involving the Titans. I personally believe that Mother Blood is in actuality using Lord Travesty. Abnett doesn’t really show it here in so many words, but she’s keeping her motives and actions to herself–even her ally Lord Travesty calls this out.


Overall Titans #33 is a good read. I enjoyed the overall story and the action itself was great. Abnett really shows us just how much this team has grown in this issue, and with the ending he presents us with, I wonder just how Donna will rally the team together?


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