NYC is laying out the Red Carpet for REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN

by JC Alvarez
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The stars will reign on the New York City premiere of the Warner Bros. Animation feature-length Reign of the Supermen the much-anticipated sequel to last year’s The Death of Superman.

New York City…the gleaming modern metropolis that famously stood in as the skyline for Richard Donner’s classic big screen interpretation of the Man of Steel’s blockbuster debut, will once again host another super premiere when the cast of Reign of the Supermen the sequel to Warner Bros. Animation’s The Death of Superman the adaptation of the epic best-selling story arc from the 1993 comic book that chronicled the historic confrontation between Superman and Doomsday.

A decade or so ago, Warner Bros. Animation released Doomsday a more “streamlined” version of the graphic novel, voiced by an all-star cast and introduced its enduring DC Universe movies. The Death of Superman more closely paid homage to the full-length story and delivers on the serialized nature of the current animated universe, with Reign of the Supermen also based on the graphic novel series that resurrected Superman and introduced a new generation of heroes ready to defend Metropolis against an emerging threat!

The animated movie featured the voice talents of Jerry O’Connell who has now portrayed the Man of Steel in several of the most current animated films. He’s joined once again by his real-life wife Rebecca Romijn appropriately voicing Lois Lane and Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor. Cress Williams the star of The CW hit television series Black Lightning is onboard as John Henry Irons, the hero known as Steel. On Monday, January 28, Reign of the Supermen will premiere in New York City at the fabled Directors Guild of America on West 57th Street.

The cast will appear on the red carpet and be joined by additional cast mates Patrick Fabian voicing Cyborg Superman and Tony Todd providing his menacing drone to bring Darkseid back to the mythology. Filmmakers Sam Liu the film’s director, and screenwriters Jim Krieg and Tim Sheridan along with producer James Tucker will also be on hand. After the film’s screening, a panel discussion is scheduled. The event is already sold out and fans who have applied for tickets and have yet to be notified, are currently on a waitlist.

Reign of the Supermen is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment and arrives on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on January 29, 2019. The feature-length animated film is currently available on Digital download platforms and will also be coming to the DC Universe streaming service. #ReignOfTheSupermen

See the trailer to Reign of the Supermen here:

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