Review: Naomi #1

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

Artists: Jamal Campbell



What’s, like, the coolest thing you can think of? When I’m day dreaming, just looking out the window, sometimes I just think, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Superman just appear.” Even if it was only a second, just to break the monotony for like a second! That’s what happens in a small town in the middle of nowheres-ville, America. Superman just appears, tossing Mongul across town before booming off with Mongul to the next state.


you miss it, you’re busy and it happened so fast.


He comes back to help clean up the chaos, moving some trucks and things before heading out.


You’re working a shift and you miss it again!!!

That’s what happens to the titular character of Naomi. From then on she starts investigating and no one is reporting on it. Not the Bugle, the Times, no website, nothing. And it’s impossible for no one to have not reported it! That’s when the rumors start around town.


Naomi #1 is the perfect start to a series! Naomi herself dresses fashionably but has a likable personality. The world she lives in also allows us to instantly relate to the world and her circumstances. This combo instantly allows any reader to relate to Naomi.

The writing of this book is wonderful. It steadily walks us into a mystery about the titular character and the city she’s from while keeping the DC Universe’s characters as far from it as possible, beyond Superman’s initial appearance. By distancing these characters for now, Naomi becomes a powerful character to focus on allowing her to be built up.



The chief complaint regarding Naomi is the over teasing of the mystery behind Naomi. It is very clear early on that there is something going on in the town. This is repeatedly brought up but with no change of information. Even in the end of the issue, the little information that we receive is a continual tease at best. By having 3/4 of this book be tease, there is no payoff for the reader which reduces the desire for the reader to get the second issue.



Naomi was a fun read introducing a whole set of relatable characters in a gorgeous and intriguing book.


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