TITANS Concept Art Shows Full Batmobile

by Kevin Sharp
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Viewers of DC’ Titans streaming series got a look at Batman in the season finale, but some of his accoutrements — like the Batmobile — were seen only briefly. Now John Gallagher has revealed his final design for the vehicle on Facebook, along with these comments:

I posted a bunch of unused concepts for my Batmobile a few weeks back but here’s the final Batmobile for Titans. You’ll never see it sharply enough in the series so it seems only fitting you’d need a better look. Hope you enjoy!

Longtime fans can no doubt spot some of Gallagher’s influences, from Batman The Animated Series to the live action movies.

There’s been no word yet on a Dark Knight appearance in Titans season two; maybe this Batmobile will be back in action at some point.

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