Review: Hex Wives #4

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ben Blacker

Art: Mirka Andolfo

Colors: Marissa Louise

Letters: Josh Reed



After getting blood on her hands, Becky involuntarily flies upwards and hits her head on the gutter which forces her back down to earth.  This excites and scares Becky all at the same time.  She and the other ladies of the neighborhood end up gathering to discuss what’s happened.  Izzy doesn’t seem to believe it at first, but Damina does.  Interestingly, she’s just gotten her period for the first time and is complaining of hearing “voices.”  For the first time, the ladies are able to discuss, albeit briefly, some of the oddities of the neighborhood.

Aaron comes home early to convince the captive with mother under the stairs to make the ladies not think about things…  She does in order to save Aaron and the men from killing them, at least that’s what Aaron threatens.

Aaron breaks up the discussion before they can get too far.  After dinner Izzy, while doing the dishes Izzy begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Becky plus blood equals flying.  Damina plus blood equals hearing voices.  Izzy goes for it and cuts her hand on a sharp knife purposefully…Oops!


This series has been building steadily and building this world quite effectively.  It’s a real joy to see Izzy put the pieces together, even if she doesn’t know what it all means yet.  It would’ve been really easy to let the women find out their true natures quickly, but building it slowly has allowed the creative team to develop a sympathetic portrayal of the witches.

There is a moment with the witch mother that amps up the horror feeling of this comic.  In this moment it suddenly feels terrible and frightening and contrasts wonderfully with the faux ’50’s domestic bliss in which the women are trapped.

I’m not sure if it was intentional, but despite Aaron’s actions, it seems he gave Izzy the idea about cutting herself when he told her to be careful to put the sharp knives in the dishwasher handle side up so she wouldn’t get cut.

And there’s Jeanie’s bottle again…!


Hard to find a negative…  This series gets better and better with each issue!


This issue allows Izzy to make a start at discovering her true nature.  It’s strange, comparing her introduction in issue #1 as an evil witch to now rooting for her to find herself is an interesting journey for the reader.  Amping up the horror element is appreciated, as it seems to foreshadow the direction of the title.  There’s still the slightest suggestion, that Aaron’s heart may not be all in…has he actually fallen for Izzy?


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