Rumor: Rocksteady Producing A New Batman Game

by Jeff Testanero
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Rocksteady is producing a Superman game!

Wait, that’s been canceled.

Rocksteady is producing a Justice League game!

No, that talk has been squashed as well.

Well Rocksteady is producing a new game for DC and according to a report from PlayStation Lifestyle it could be another Batman game.  Recently, the site obtained information that the developer might be heading back to Gotham City and are working on new material that may, or may not, be surrounding the Court of Owls.  The game that has been rumored to be titled, Batman: Arkham Crisis, is being aimed for a Halloween 2019 release.  The storyline is said to have a dozen acts revolving around the Dark Knight and the Court of Owls.  According to a game tester who released the information surrounding the game is that the Batwing will be available and the player can utilize it for both combat and to get around Gotham.  The game is also rumored to contain a co-op mode with side missions as Batman can team up with Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl; depending on the nature of the mission.

Rocksteady games hasn’t released any information surrounding any projects due this year with only further fuels the rumor mill that a new Batman is on the horizon.

Remember: where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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