Review: Black Lightning 2×10 – “Angelitos Negros”

by Brad Filicky
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Salim Akil

Writer: Jan Nash, J. Allen Brown

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvon Jones, James Remar



Jennifer and Khalil’s road trip/runaway rebellion came to a close. As many twists and turns as their relationship has had over the course of the season, everyone must grow. In this case the star-crossed lovers return to face their enemies – Tobias, and angry parents. Before they had back though, there’s some romancing’ and ramen in Khali’s train car/apartment. despite the noodles and romance, Jen does not want her first time to be on the run as a fugitive so she decides not to have sex. Lynn, after her meeting with Khalil’s dad, knows a few places they might be hiding and happens to pick the right train car. She pleads with her daughter to come home because, hey, you can’t be on the run forever. It works and the teens return home to a very angry Jefferson. The guys talk things out. Khalil even agrees to turn himself in to the police – after all it’s one of the few places he might be safe from Tobias. Things don’t go as expected and the crew bringing Khalil is attacked by Cutter, who delivers him to Tobias who decides to get his revenge by ripping his tech out Khalil. The drop him off in front of a church. Has he survived? We will see..



One of the things I liked most about this episode is the character development. Jen and Khalil being mature enough to know when enough is enough. Khalil’s choice and sacrifice in turning himself in, Jen’s choice to not have sex. As cruel as it all was, it is always something to watch when Tobias goes unleashed. Jefferson’s anger at Khalil was genuine and understandable. Lynn’s compassion and reasoning. These characters have never felt more human and that’s not something you get or expect from a superhero show.



Why didn’t Jefferson have the foresight to follow along with the team taking Khalil in? Black Lightning could have been enough to stop Cutter. There wasn’t a whole lot of action in this episode, but that’s a small complaint when you get to deep dive in the characters’ personal life.

Oh poor Khalil, please don’t be dead. You’re on the road to redemption and it would be a real shame to lose you now.



An episode worth waiting through the Christmas hiatus for. What it lacked in balls to the fall action it made up for in deep character moments. a storyline that has been developing for a bit has had a satisfying, if tragic outcome. Growing up isn’t easy and comes with consequences. We are starting the second half of the season on a strong foot. it’s been a hell of a journey so far and it feels like we’re just getting started.


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