‘Doom Patrol’ Tweets Promo Videos

by Cameron Tevis
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With just over 2 weeks left until the premiere of Doom Patrol, DC Universe marketing of the series has shifted into high gear.

Along with character and series photos, now they started tweeting small videos that focus on individual characters in the series.

The first video focuses on Robotman and gives a glimpse of Robotman’s life before his life-altering accident. The second video focuses on Elasti-Woman and reveals her career was once a film actress. The third video introduces Crazy Jane. Crazy Jane did not appear on the Doom Patrol episode of Titans, but the video quickly let’s audiences know why she’s called Crazy Jane.

You can check out all three here:






Crazy Jane:


Doom Patrol premieres February 15, 2019 exclusively on the DC Universe streaming service

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