Review: The Silencer #13

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: V Ken Marion and Dan Abnett

Artist: Sandu Florea

Colors: Mike Spicer

Letters: Tom Napolitano



 “Madame…you know the Lazarus process is erosive.  Especially if one is not of the Al Ghul genetic stock. One does not go in as one comes out!” – Jonah Nine, Talia Al Ghul’s assistant.
And with those words, you know that all that  in the end, Talia is going to get her way.  However, how did this relationship with the Silencer occur.  Talia is ageless in this reminiscent story of a young girl that was earmarked by Ra’s Al Ghul to be a leader in his League, however, Talia had other plans.  From the Silencer’s days as an orphan to her allegiance to Talia to her training, and her eventual deal with Talia to “stop this killing” and “acquire a life of her own….a chance”.  Never make a deal with a member of the Al Ghul family.  It doesn’t end well!

Marion and Abnett provide an origin story in perfect time.  Issue #13 reads at a pretty fast clip.  Is the Silencer a pawn, a tool, or a possession?  Is Talia in love with her as a partner or does she see her as a key to overtake her father’s League of Shadows?

Florea paints great interludes in the storytelling that provides a break with each green display of eyes shut tightly surrounded by the green fluid of a Lazarus Pit.  You see memories melting away until the final process.  Was anything retained?

The final display of the Silencer’s husband and son ….”Don’t let them fade…You’ve got to hold onto them….” was simply perfection.


None in this issue.  It’s a perfect swipe.  And it creates a renewed interest in how savage the Silencer is going to become.  Picture “The Batman Who Laughs” as that Batman has no moral code.  We now have a Silencer who has no family nor a goal of being reunited with one…just an allegiance to Talia and her Leviathan interests!



The “Baker’s Dozen” issue does the trick.  It literally is a catch up issue to provide an origin story to the Silencer and how she came to be under Talia Al Ghul’s tutoring.  And it goes with the current “wiping the slate” clean within some of the Batman storylines (cue Ric Grayson’s current storyline in Nightwing.  However, the Lazarus Pits are always the perfect “control, alt, delete” within Talia and Ra’s’ world so they can erase any mistakes and have things their way.  With the current state of the Silencer, you have to stay tuned to see how she can escape Talia’s clutches and how her husband and son will fare.  And you have to keep seeing how Talia is drawn as she is once again illustrated beautifully!


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