Review: Scooby Apocalypse #34

by Carl Bryan
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Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: J.M. DeMatteis

Artists: Pat Olliffe & Tom Palmer

Colors: HI-FI

Letters: Travis Lanham



“Holy #$%^!  They’re Everywhere!” – Shaggy

DeMatteis’ Apocalyptic World is coming to a head as an all out assault takes place at the compound where Velma and the Gang (complete with a Nanite Freddy) are all held up.  It’s an all out battle between two factions of Nanites.  Fred’s body holds the key to keeping the Nanite King at bay. And Daphne is not buying anything from this “Drop Dead Fred”.    It’s David versus Goliath in numbers and it’s not looking good.  All this and the complete back story that catches dear readers up as to how this war developed and where we go from here….if there is anywhere to go.  Cue the music…”When the walls come tumbling down”.  And let’s not forget about another installment of Atom Ant with Superman in charge of his JLA training!


Dematteis story takes us to what appears to be a “Governor versus Rick”  Walking Dead scenario, and it works perfectly here.  For a new reader, he does a great job of catching us up on how Velma created the Nanites in hopes of restoring humanity, but her brothers altered the programming.  I liked this backstory moment as Dematteis respects the readers and provides a way to catch up without having to do a complete reread of every issue.  The pace is furious as they Gang is attacked immediately and while Fred melts Daphne’s defenses for a micro-second, time will only tell if this couple can truly reunite in the form that Fred is now.  Velma gets her jabs in on Daisy as she sees her a threat to her and Shaggy’s relationship.  Nothing like a good love triangle in the midst of a building collapsing.  And I love the cliff-hanger ending.  But the issue….you’ll purchase back issues and want to get on this new ride for Scooby and the Gang!


I appreciate the new age Gang, but I do enjoy my Scooby banter.  And we don’t get enough of this intellectual Scooby in this issue.  I want him to start stepping up and taking a major role in things, but Dematteis has a lot of plates spinning in the past few issues.  Hopefully, there is some rest (not rest in peace) in sight for these kids!



Lots of action in this issue and a great job of catching up the reader to the origin of the Apocalypse.  That was needed for any new invested reader.  I like how the issues end with an Atom Ant humor story as this is a heavy Scooby story that is not easily resolved as his cartoon counterparts do on Saturday mornings!


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