Review: Black Lightning 2×13 – “Pillar Of Fire”

by Brad Filicky
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Robert Townsend

Writer: Lamont Magee

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvon Jones, James Remar



Jennifer is still out for revenge for the death of Khalil, so Jefferson and Gambi decide it may be time to train her, only to find after she damages all electronics in her vicinity, that she may be too powerful for even them to train. Go get ’em Jen!

Odell tries to bribe Lynn with money, but she doesn’t fold. Instead Odell finally lets a few of the secrets out the ASA has been hiding from her. The country of Markovia created their own version of Pod People to advance their standing in the world, but the Pod People were never stabilized and their super-soldiers program failed. So a new plan of kidnapping Lynn and forcing her to create new super-soldiers. Lynn agrees to help Agent Odell in assisting in the moving of the Pod People to a new secure location only if Dr. Jace is off the program.

Jefferson has an opportunity to reclaim his role as principal of the school because Lowry mishandled the sit-in, but Jefferson realizes he can’t devote the amount of time needed to the school that Lowry is able to devote. Jefferson recommends Lowry continue as principal because “everyone needs a second chance”. Jefferson again makes a huge sacrifice and does what is right. In the end it will give him more time to be Black Lightning.

Jennifer goes to confront the 100 gang but is weakened by using too much of he rower. Luckily, Thunder saves the day.

Cutter and Bishop do Tobias’ dirty work and steal Pod People from the ASA



Tobias is getting more dangerous and that may nod bode well for our heroes, it does probably mean that the second half of season 2 is about to get even crazier. The consequences have never been higher.

Giving Jennifer’s story such a prominent role continues to pay off. She’s not done growing, but she is maturing and it’s fun to watch.



This is the last episode for a few weeks, but the episode didn’t necessarily feel like an episode before a break. It didn’t have to be cliffhanger, but it could have had just a little more tension. That may end up being a moot point anyway, Tobias having Pod People could be a very bad thing.



This season continues to hit all the beats, mixing the trials of an African American family with superhero action. Jen’s thirst for revenge and Tobias new toys (or bargaining chips if he decides to sell them) deepen the drama and raise the stakes for potential conflicts .



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