Joel Kinnaman Will Not Be Returning For Suicide Squad Sequel

by Christian Ruiz
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Suicide Squad 2 (working title) is shaping up to be quite the sequel.

While the full cast has not been announced (outside of Margot Robbie), fan favorite Rick Flag (played by Joel Kinnaman) is sadly not going to be returning for the sequel.

Kinnaman had substantial screen time in the film serving as Amanda Waller’s Task Force X enforcer and point man  while the team was deployed on a mission. He also played a significant part in the subplot involving the witch Enchantress and her hostage (Rick Flags’ love interest) Dr. June Moon.

The report makes it clear that Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn will likely return, and Robbie is currently at work reprising her role in next year’s Birds of Prey. It’s unclear if Task Force X director Amanda Waller will return for the film, as we have yet to hear if director James Gunn wants actress Viola Davis to return.


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