New Constantine Series in Development Starring Matt Ryan

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Constantine’s enemies can tell you, he is much harder to stop than you might think.

After NBC made the bad decision of airing Constantine on a Friday night, it failed to grab the audiences it was aiming at. However, fans and star Matt Ryan have seen Constantine survive time and time again.

After the cancellation of the series, Ryan was brought back in to voice the character for the animated Justice League Dark film and again for the animated Constantine series for CW Seed. The episodes were eventually compiled into a feature-length film, Constantine: City of Demons.

But that wasn’t all for Constantine. He was also making appearances in the CW DC universe known as the Arrowverse. He made an appearance in Arrow before moving over to a regular cast member on DC Legends of Tomorrow.

Now it seems as if Constantine is making another move. Sources say that Warner Bros. is developing a new Constantine series and they want Matt Ryan back in the role.

There are no specifics as to what network would air the series and with Arrow ending next season, it’s fair to assume the other CW series are coming to a close soon as well. But with the launch of the DC Universe streaming service, it’s very possible Constantine could land there. After all the next the series to premiere on the service will be Swamp Thing. Constantine debuted in comics in the Swamp Thing series written by Alan Moore, so it only makes sense to bring him over to the streaming service as well.

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