Review: Aquaman #46

by Cameron Tevis
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Pencils: Robson Rocha

Inker: Daniel Henriques

Colors: Sunny Gho



Aquaman witnesses Caille turn into the monster Cailleach.

Back at the Village of Unspoken Water, Tang arrives showing his concern that they sent Aquaman and Caille off on their own. Tang is soon followed by others in the village with shared concerns.

Meanwhile, Cailleach is about to attack Aquaman when he grabs a spike made of salt and hits the monster across the face. The impact reveals that Caille is still in there, but only briefly. Aquaman also realizes that Namma is watching is scuffle with Cailleach.

Namma is curious as to how Aquaman can withstand the power of Cailleach. Cailleach reveals to Aquaman that Caille is not her daughter and that her body was just a vessel that her monster Cailleach could incubate in.

In an attempt to somehow save Caille, Aquaman attacks Namma. Namma turns into a dragon and flies off, but not before Aquaman jumps on her back.

She dives into the waters and Aquaman yells at that moment, Mera knows he is still alive.

Aquaman_46_1 - DC Comics News




The artwork is dynamic and the only thing that really drives me to the book at all each new issue. But story-wise, there is finally a glimmer of hope this arc might turn into something readable.  The moment Mera hears his yell, it indicates the book has the potential to finally get back on track on off this mess of a path it is on now.

Aquaman_46_2 - DC Comics News



Everything about this new direction is negative. There is not a single thing compelling about it. It’s out of character for Aquaman, it feels nothing like an Aquaman book, and it is as boring as boring can be.

Aquaman_46_3 - DC Comics News



I miss the Johns days. This is such a dull book now that I dropped my subscription at my local comic shop. I would never suggest this book as it is now to anyone. Especially if they were new and wanting something to hook them into the world of comics.

It’s interesting because I think I am reading the best (Hawkman) and worst (Aquaman) of what DC Comics is currently putting out. It is really difficult to jump Hawkman and be excited to read this title.


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