Titans Finds Its Jericho For Season 2

by Jeff Testanero
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It seems that Titans is really gearing up for season 2 with new characters and a major new villain.  Following the conclusion of season 1 it was made very clear that Superboy and Krypto would be making their Titans debut in season 2.  Now it has been announced that not only is Deathstroke joining the show as the villain but his son Jericho would also be heading over to the DC Universe series.

Actor Chella Man has been cast as Jericho, the mute son of Deahstroke (played by actor Esai Morales).  In the comics, Jericho was made mute after the terrorists whom abducted him to get to his father (Deathstroke) cut his throat.



Chella Man was born with progressive hearing loss and uses a Cochlear implant to hear.  He is also very active on YouTube and Instagram while he brings light to his issues with hearing loss and gender dysphoria.

Word is that Titans season 2 is going to be centered around Deathstroke and the characters that revolve around him.

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