Review: Hex Wives #6

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ben Blacker

Art: Mirka Andolfo

Colors: Marissa Louise

Letters: Josh Reed



Having finally been revealed, the Witch Mother behind the secret door attacks her captors, in doing so it kills her.  However, the proverbial cat is out of the bag and there’s no going back.  More importantly, when the witches put it to their husbands, they learn even more about what’s transpired.  Aaron, as has been hinted at, does actually love Izzy and is willing to help.  Some of the other husbands feel the same way.  But, not all the witches see this as an opportunity they want to take advantage of.

Aaron reveals everything to them and pledges to help them free the other witches who are captive.  Other witches!? After a change of clothes they set out for the edge of town and the wall of fire.   Not believing it to be real, they walk on through….



There’s a genuine emotional release for Izzy and her friends as they finally begin to figure out the truth.  It’s gratifying to see Aaron was harboring real feelings for Izzy all along.    This series has revealed things slowly, and it’s no different this issue.  Despite their release, there’s a lot more for these women to discover.  They don’t know who they really are, they don’t know why they’ve been held captive and they don’t really know where they are.  The true nature of the fire around their town has yet to be explained as well. Part of that slow reveal is the mention by Aaron about thousands of people they’ve killed.  As the series goes on, it gets better and opens more and more mysteries to explore about these women.  There’s also some clever humorous references that enhance the story as they draw on the popular notions of witches.

Not all of them feel the same way.  This diversity of opinion sets up what could be some interesting conflict within the group as well as reflecting the individual nature of different people’s reactions to the same situation.



Nothing negative this issue as the first arc concludes and comes together nicely.


Izzy and her friends have finally discovered their true natures and see their future ahead of them as an exploration of the past.  As good as the first 6 issues have been, it seems that this series is still on the rise.  It’s clever and imaginative, and always leaves the reader wanting more.


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