Review: Black Lightning 2×16 – “The Omega”

by Brad Filicky
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Salim Akil

Writer: Charles Holland

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvon Jones, James Remar



The season finale is here! Tobias is done. Sent to the Pit. His hubris and ego destroyed him. He had it all. He had the Masters of Disaster, the Green Light pods, the 100, Cutter. But his needs take Black Lighting down consumed him and lead to his downfall. It wasn’t an easy fight, but after many battles and regroups, Tobias is no longer the threat he was over the first two season of the show.

Jennifer’s power became almost too much for her to handle, but was saved by Gambi.

Jefferson finds the pod kids and is accosted by Dr. Jace, but Lynn takes her down. But before info can be gotten, Dr. Jace is taken by the teleporting bounty hunter to the Markovians.

Lala proves to be helpful.

The Pireces celebrate don’t have time to celebrate their victory. Odell tells them he knows their secret. The ASA swears in the Markovians. War is coming.



What a satisfying end to the saga of Tobias. A villain that has taken two season to take down. He could d have had it all and was brought down by his own shortcomings. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry of him. Almost.

Jennifer is a much different place than she was when the season started.

The fights, the action – All on par with what you want in the season finale of a superhero show.



Well one negative is that we have to wait fro the next season before we get new episodes.

I was hoping that Anissa would have more of an arch this season. I know that Jennifer wen though a lot and we all had to be there for it, but hopefully next season it will be her turn.



I would say that overall this episode was a worthy end to a season that proved to be better than the first. Tobias went down swinging, Jennifer green into her powers, both in mind and body, Lynn got to take out Dr. Jace. And we have set up for an even bigger season three. Not more you could ask for in a season finale!




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