Review: Heroes in Crisis #7

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Tom King, Clay Mann & Jorge Fornes

Colors: Tomeu Morey

Letters: Clayton Cowles



The Trinity may have uncovered the true killer responsible for the deaths at Sanctuary, but the artificial intelligence that ran the institution is the one thing standing between them and the culprit. Now Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must face off with their own creation—and face the consequences for what they created. Also, as the truth is uncovered, Booster and Harley go from being enemies to allies.



The cover is fine. I like the concept of it a lot since the Booster and Harley conflict is deal with in this issue. And it is drawn well.

For the most part, the interior art is very good. The characters are expressive and there is a dynamic style. The issue is visually effective.

I do enjoy Batgirl on a team with Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Harley Quinn. Babs having to be the straight man to the three of them is genuinely funny in several places. She is the highlight of the issue.

I really like seeing Wally get worse going through Sanctuary as opposed to better. This allows the therapy sessions feel more useful in the narrative as well as painting a very tragic picture of this character.



While the art is good, Jorge Fornes’ art looks distinctly different from the rest of the book. Clay Mann and Travis Moore compliment each other well but Fornes’ pages don’t. It’s distracting.

One of the things that has confused for this event is the Harley singing thing. This issue has an explanation; she understands that superheroes talk during fights which I assume means quipping and throwing out one liners. The only thing she can come up is nursery rhymes. Harley’s not dumb; she can think of a one liner. This feels like King’s attempt to reinvent the character to a degree and move her away from the Deadpool comparisons people threw at the New 52 version. But it’s obnoxious and makes Harley look a little dumb.

This issue feels padded. Whenever the series decides to be plot focused, I feel like I’m sitting still. There’s no momentum. We don’t really learn anything; Booster and Beetle catch Harley and Batgirl up to speed and that’s about it.



This issue borders somewhere between okay and bad. It has its moments. I had fun with Batgirl and there are some good jokes. But I am not invested in the plot at all and even if I was, it is moving at a snail’s pace. The art is good but it’s not enough for me.



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