Review: Looney Tunes #248

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers:  Derek Fridolfs; Earl Kress

Artists:  Dave Alvarez; Omar Aranda

Colors:  Dave Tanguay;

Letters:  Gabriela Downie; Nick Nap; Jenna Garcia



In “Jacque and the BeanStalk” Bugs Bunny makes a headliner return to purchase some magic beans much to the chagrin of Jacque Blackque Jacque Shellacque.  Upon forcing Bugs to go up the Beanstalk, Jacque and Bugs get more than they bargained for with Hugo the Giant who thinks Jacque is a pretty interesting “doggie”.  However, sometimes when you wish for carrots, you get karats!  In “2 Little Pigs + 1”, Petunia and Porky need building permits to take on an overzealous Charlie the Dog who is always looking for an owner.  Neither brick nor stick nor titanium can keep this overzealous pooch out for some quality time with the pigs!  In “Mighty Insure of Himself”, Daffy Duck pays a call to the home of Wile E. Coyote to sell him some insurance.  Despite Wile E.’s assurance that as a super genius, he needs no insurance, Daffy remains vigilant to sell him an accident policy.  Stubbornness meets the red tape of the insurance business.  No Flo here!


The main man is back in that Bugs Bunny has made a triumphant return the past two issues and Looney Tunes is better for it.  When he is not in the book, it’s like watching the Bulls without Jordan or the Lakers without Lebron.  And he is the anchor which allows lesser known characters like Jacque or Hugo to shine.  Porky and Petunia are awesome together as this the Warner Bros equivalent to Donald and Daisy Duck, and the premise is too perfect with an old turn on the “I’ll huff and puff and blow your house in!”  Finally, the story for Daffy to be an insurance salesman to Wile E. Coyote…..that’s perfect gold!



None here as Bugs and company give me my yester years back.  So run downstairs, pour you a bowl of cereal, and take out this issue for a perfect childhood combination!



Again, Great stories, Great art, and always, the lighter side of Saturday morning cartoons that an older generation yearns for.  This issue was light hearted and provides some old standbys for delivering the laughs!   And this cover art looks great!  Young kids should get this and read with their parents and grandparents.



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