Review: Deathstroke #42

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan

Inks: Jason Paz, Norm Rapmund

Colors: Jeremy Cox

Letters: Willie Schubert



Deathstroke has been captured by Damian Wayne! Chained in a secret prison by the young hero, Slade breaks free, but instead of escaping–he makes himself at home! Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans are busy working on a case, but when Deathstroke hacks their communication link, he’s constantly in Robin’s ear! Just what is Deathstroke’s plan–and does it involve Robin?


Once again Priest throws another great issue of Deathstroke our way! I had no idea that Damian Wayne actually had a secret prison for his own criminals! Even Black Mask is a prisoner there! Black Mask seems especially excited to see Deathstroke, thinking that he’s the key to his escape! However, when Slade finally breaks out of his cell, he casually walks by Black Mask and the other prisoners, and proceeds to make himself at home! Hacking into the Teen Titans communications, Deathstroke taunts and teases the Teen Titans, especially their leader Robin while their working on a case. Robin’s leadership skills come into question in this issue, and although the team is pretty good at following them Deathstroke points out how unskilled and unsure of themselves they are.


The only negative I have about this issue isn’t even the book–it’s the Teen Titans themselves. I have to admit that Slade was right about the team’s lack of experience, and it shows in this issue. The additions of Roundhouse, Crush, and Djinn who is a sorceress did little to stop the destruction of the armored villain Blackrock. The only heroes with any experience are Robin, Wally West aka Kid Flash, and Red Arrow, and even they struggle because of the lack of experience of the other team members. As Damian shouts out orders to the team, they attempt to carry them out, but this team’s inexperience in the field is just too much. Now I must admit I haven’t read an issue of the Teen Titans in a long time, but I was not impressed by them at all in this issue.


Overall Deathstroke #42 is a good read, especially if you enjoy the relationship between Deathstroke and Robin. Slade likes taunting the young hero it seems, and Slade knows that Damian walks a thin line between hero and villain. Deathstroke mentions in this issue that he knows Damian’s true inner conflict–the respect of his father Batman or his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul. It’s an inner conflict that Damian has struggled with for a long time and although he’s the leader of the Teen Titans and saves lives in this issue as well, it seems to be a conflict from within that won’t resolve itself anytime soon.


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