Our First Taste of DCEASED!

by JC Alvarez
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You’ve been warned. Don’t read this one in the dark! The DC Heroes have never faced a hunger so horrifying as the terror that is coming in DCeasead — the latest publishing-wide event that will unleash the apocalypse!

The end is near! DC Comics latest big event comic series of the season is coming and no one is safe! The powers that be have promised before that some worlds would live, and others would die, but in this crisis, all bets are off and everyone is at risk. Taking a page from the classic horror pulp comics of yesteryear DCeased is perhaps the darkest and most chilling tale ever told in the DC Comics universe, as a dangerous plague runs rampant throughout the world and turns everyone is bloodthirsty killers.

DCeased Cover Issue #1 variant by YASMINE PUTRI
DCeased Cover Issue #1 variant by FRANCESCO MATTINA
DCeased Cover Issue #1 variant by GREG CAPULLO and FCO PLASCENCIA

Check out the startling just released variant covers for Issue #1 which feature work from some of DC’s most revered talent including Greg Capullo, Francesco Mattina and Yasmine Putri with an interpretive homage to a very familiar-looking horror classic inspired by Stephen King’s It. Very few narrative details about DCeased have been revealed, but it’s expected to feature every major player in the DC universe and is promising to have some lasting repercussions. Other covers in the series will be based on favorite horror flicks including “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

The Doomsday Clock may still be ticking and most of the heroes are still confounded by the mystery surrounding the mental health clinic Sanctuary in Heroes in Crisis but that hasn’t stop DC from preparing to unleash a new terror on its readership! As illustrated in the preview pages of the premiere issue of the six-issue event, the spacefaring odyssey Cyborg’s team of Justice Leaguers have recently been on may be coming to an abrupt end. The Anti-Life Equation has infected Cyborg and has used his cybernetic connectivity to everything to spread a deadly disease.

DCeased is written by Tom Taylor who is best known for his work on the elseworld-event Injustice and is suggesting that this zombie apocalypse infesting the DC universe will be unlike anything anyone has seen in similarly inspired genre-horror graphic novels, but will be tipping its hat to the popularity of those end-of-days storylines. We’ll be following more developments on DCeased as the six-issue series gets closer to its launch date.

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