There is no doubt that the Watchmen/DCU crossover event, Doomsday Clock is the most unexpected meeting and exciting crossover in comic book history and now Doomsday Clock will be collected starting in October.

Now, the releases of each issue have been met with numerous delays during its single issue run.  Originally the series was set to be released monthly with two breaks to bi-monthly to the final three issues being pushed back months.  Despite release set-backs coming into play there is no doubt that the story telling has been nothing short of spectacular.

As Doomsday Clock reaches midnight and the “Watchmen sequel set in the DCU” comes to a close, DC has announced that the series will be collected in two volumes.  The first will collect the first six issues with an October release and the second volume coming in May 2020.

Doomsday Clock Part One collects issues #1- #6 with a 224-page collection.  All six issues will be collected in full, including supplemental material at the end of each issue which will give fans further insight into the world created by Gary Frank and Geoff Johns.  The first collection will also contain all six variant covers by artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson.  Frank has also created a brand new cover for part one.  Doomsday Clock Part One has a suggested retail price of $24.99

Doomsday Clock Part Two will collect issues #7- #12 and is scheduled for May. Part Two will also carry a suggested retail price of $24.99


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