Review: Heroes in Crisis #8

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Mitch Gerads & Travis Moore

Colors: Mitch Gerads

Letters: Clayton Cowles


Reviewed by: Sean Blumenshine



You’ve seen all the clues. You’ve heard the testimony and eavesdropped on the secret confessions of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Now, with the killer revealed, it’s time to find out why. What could have driven a hero to the brink, to turn a savior into a murderer? Rifts will form between old allies, and the trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman will have their leadership challenged and will question their own judgment. Sanctuary has become something they never imagined…and it’s still potentially carrying on without them!



The cover is very pretty. It’s nice, simple and effective.

The interior art is also solid. The issue heavily relies on Wally’s testimony and a lot of emotion is shown through his face. The book looks great.


I’m not entirely uninterested in Wally’s story; it still could go somewhere. But I’m not super into this issue. This series was sold on a premise of exploring the trauma of super heroes in an environment where they could heal. It always felt weird to immediately murder everyone and this take it to another level. It kind of sucks that this series has taken Wally’s trauma and just used it to make him a villain.

Wally accidentally killing everyone isn’t that bad; it is an accident and it makes sense given his mental state. What really pushes it over the edge is that he frames Harley and Booster so that he can have time to expose Sanctuary. I’m not really sure why he wants to do that anyway and what he puts Booster and Harley through is unbelievably callous.



I didn’t like this issue. It feels a little mean spirited but not in a way that’s interesting. Wally’s reveal makes this series a lot more generic than it I thought it was. The story is not over so it could go somewhere interesting but this issue on its own doesn’t work for me. The art is nice though.


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