Review: Hawkman #12

by Cameron Tevis
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Review: HAWKMAN #12

Hawkman 12 - Cover


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Pencils: Bryan Hitch

Inkers: Andrew Currie & Bryan Hitch

Colors: Jeremiah Skipper


Reviewed by: Cameron Tevis



The final battle is here! Hawkman of Earth and his army of Hawkmen defend Earth against Idamm and his army of Deathbringers. Hawkman makes it clear to the other Hawkmen that Idamm is his alone to fight.

After learning that Idamm cannot be killed, Hawkman decides there is no cause to hold back. Hawkman concludes that if he can’t kill him, he can at least make sure Idamm regrets being alive. At this point Hawkman gets savage and brutal in his attack on Idamm.

Meanwhile the Hawkman from Krypton feels his new yellow-sun powers growing. He takes the battle to one of the three giant Deathbringer robot enforcers.

Hawkman knows the only way to end the senseless fighting is to once again become general of the Deathbringer army.

Hawkman 12 - Page 1


This issue’s action goes into overdrive as the climactic battle progresses. It’s great to see the other Hawkmen in action, especially the Hawkman of Krypton as his new powers develop. But nothing can top Carter Hall’s fight with Idamm.

Past versions of Hawkman have shown him to be a brutal savage at times. This is something we haven’t seen in this latest incarnation. That changes after he realizes Earth will be lost if he holds back.

From that point on, Hawkman is as brutal and savage as ever. But in this instance his brutality is justified and shows that Hawkman is only as excessive as the job requires.

Hawkman 12 - Page 2


I’m not certain it’s a negative or something that will be revealed in future issues, but Hawkman’s new power concerns me. Is his new power something he will be able to channel whenever he wants? Was it a one-time deal? I love the use of it in this instance, but I hope it doesn’t become a fall back answer for every situation Hawkman gets into for future writers.

Hawkman 12 - Page 13



After twelve exciting issues, I can say this title has made me love comic books again. Unfortunately, I don’t care for many things happening at DC Comics recently, but this title makes me excited for each and every issue. It has been consistently fantastic in every regard, from its writing, pacing and characterization to art and colors.

With each new issue I expected there to be at least one issue that I didn’t care for, but that never happened. Every issue in this arc was exceptional.

I wasn’t even a Hawkman fan per se, but Venditti and Hitch made me fall in love with the character. A new artist is illustrates the next issue, I just hope he compliments Venditti as well as Hitch did.


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