Review: Naomi #5

by Carl Bryan
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Review: NAOMI #5

naomi cover art


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Letters: Wes Abbott


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“So you know that thin on the internet how there’s like a bunch of different universes? Different Earths?  I’m not from this Earth.” – Naomi explaining her new found powers to Anna

Naomi has finally been “Unleashed” as she goes to her best friend Anna for her big reveal.  Anna confirms that she was not in on the coverup of where Naomi came from.  After a confirmation of their true friendship and that Anna had no clue what was going on, Naomi reveals to Anna her new-found powers.   Courtesy of her birth parents through a  “black box object” found with her when her adoptive Dad and Dee battled the aliens after her, Naomi absorbs both her mom’s voice explaining what happened along with her powers.


Talk about an information overload akin to when Superman was sent on his rocket ship to Earth.  Naomi, upon learning of all of her origin and back story at once, runs immediately to her best friend to talk it out.

And from there we learn about the original 29 blessed with powers that could control the world… and a civil war between them that resulted in 14 being killed.  Seven left after the civil war thus resulting in eight remaining, but of those eight, a mass murderer who obtained his power right before he was to be executed, remained as well to wreak havoc.  And guess who is hunting for Naomi?

Buckle up as it’s another chapter of what has become DC’s recent entry into his universe- Naomi!


Again, I cannot say enough about Jamal Campbell’s artwork as it is superb He draws comics the way they are supposed to be drawn with a clean frame for each picture and the correct spatial measurements.  He keeps the eyes engaged.  Your eyes cannot drink in each frame and he renders Naomi perfectly!

Again, what a great job DC has done in providing both a character that is perfect for this time, but also to dedicate an expert artist and writer to tell her story!  Campbell takes Bendis’ words and provides the perfect life!  If this continues, Campbell is going to rank up there with some of the greats, such as Todd McFarlane.

Bendis provides the big reveal and it is both reminiscent of Superman, but also poignant in its own way.  How does he capture the mind of a young adopted girl?  What is the first thing she says to her parents after the information overload – “I have to go talk to Anna”.  This is perfect.  He has perfected the character of a teenager having all of this information thrust upon her as well as this new found power and she wants to share all of this with her friend!

And the back story….perfect fit for Naomi’s origin and a great set up for how Naomi can eventually fit into what I predict will be a saving of the day of the DC Universe given the latest circumstances and the Year of the Villains coming up!



None!  Zero!  Nada!  Naomi is a perfect read and one in which should be on every new comic reader’s shelf.  It is seldom you find so much originality in a tired formula of comics, but this one finds a prominent place with its art and storytelling!



Rare do you find the perfect pairing of artists and writers!  This is that perfect balance.  A rich back story accompanied by the best comic eye candy one has seen in quite some time!  For those of you with daughters, pick up issues 1-5 now and keep collecting this.  Your daughters will thank you one day for letting them in on the ground floor of Naomi!



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