Review: Nightwing #60

by Philip Clark
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Review: NIGHTWING #60


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Chris Mooneyham

Color Artist: Nick Filardi

Letterer: Andworld Design


Reviewed by: Philip Clark



Nightwing #60, “City Ablaze” Part Two jumps straight in from the end of last month’s issue. Out of the fire and into the, fire monster? The Nightwings find themselves in a hot spot in this issue.

With a fire monster attacking police precincts across Bludhaven, can the group find out who’s behind the attacks in time?


As I’ve stated in my previous Nightwing review, I love me some backstory. Which we get even more of in this issue! This time however, we’re taken down Alphonse Sapienza’s memory lane. Writer, Dan Jurgens gives us more insight to how the new group of vigilantes know each other.

I absolutely adore stories that have different layers to them, and this is such a story. On the top layer you have the action and adventure behind being a superhero. Peel that back and you have the mystery, almost thilleresque feel of trying to find the villain behind these attacks. Take that layer off and there’s one about genuine emotion and human interaction.

Jurgens clearly reads my reviews, as last time out I asked for more of Ric and Bea’s relationship. Which he delivered on beautifully in this issue. There a couple of panels that really enhances their relationship. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a Dick and Barbara fanboy. But Ric and Bea almost seem, dare I say it, written for each other.


Honestly, my only gripe with this issue was that there was very little of Ric. I hope that this doesn’t become a trend going forward. I understand wanting to give the other characters a chance in the spotlight. This is still Nightwing though and I’m here to watch Ric grow as a person, and as a hero.

I do realise that sounds like I’m contradicting myself. But what I mean is, Ric is still the main character in my opinion and the comic should focus on him.

I’d absolutely love a Nightwings titled mini-series though!


The issue starts off red hot with action, but peters off a little, while still keeping us gripped with mystery.

Jurgens is a fantastic writer that makes his stories easy to follow, without being simplistic. I think that he’s done a brilliant job at taking over from the previous writer.

It’s lovely to see Chris Mooneyham’s artwork still filling the panels of the comic. Especially as I feel it pairs with Jurgens’ style of writing perfectly. There are some pages where I have to go back and look at again, just in case I may have missed any detail Mooneyham put in!

In an issue like this, good colorists are vitally important. Nick Filardi is such a colorist. His colorings make you truly understand how hot, and out of control the fire is. As well as the different colors for each Nightwing really popping off the page!

Another strong issue from the team, and I look forward to next month’s. I have a few ideas as to who the fire monster is, or who they may be controlled by. I’ll let you know if I’m right when it’s revealed!




Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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